Red-Knobbed Hornbill Adoption Kit

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Adopt a Red-knobbed Hornbill kit with plush toy of Kong.
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Adopt our amazing Red-knobbed Hornbill, Kong! As a plush toy, of course. These hornbills come from lowland rainforests of Indonesia, and vital to the survival of the rainforest because they're seed dispersers. They help to make more trees and plants. Learn more about our Hornbills and other SAFE programs on our website at under Conservation.

Kong, the Red-knobbed Hornbill adoption kit comes with a plush specially made of Kong, measuring 7 inches in length, and the kit includes stickers, a photo and frame, our 130th Anniversary Investigator newsletter, and a personalized adoption certificate*.

*To personalize the adoption certificate, please leave a note at Check-out or email our Education Department at



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